SAP Marketing Services

Our SAP Marketing Process…

Lateral will collaborate with you to deliver, in Step 1:

  • Documented goal for your campaign.
  • Well-defined target market for a micro-vertical offering.
  • Comprehensive offering tailored to meet the needs of your target micro-vertical.
  • High-level messaging that speaks to the unique needs and pain-points of your micro-vertical target.
  • KPIs for measuring the success of your campaign.
  • High-level business case that demonstrates the revenue you expect to achieve as a result of your campaign. 

Lateral will collaborate with you to deliver, in Step 2:

  • Realistic campaign budget.
  • Well defined message.
  • Call to action.
  • List of tactics to be employed – direct mail, email, telemarketing, paid search, webcast, seminars, etc.
  • Calendar timing of campaign activities.
  • Coordinate with and notify SAP Channel Manager. 

Lateral will collaborate with you to deliver, in Step 3:

  • Internal process in place to handle the leads generated by your campaign.
  • All deliverables for the campaign – including direct mail, webinars, white papers, customer success stories, and references – will be ready for go-to-market.
  • Notification to sales staff of pending campaign. 

Lateral will collaborate with you to deliver, in Step 4:

  • Reports indicating the successes and weaknesses of the overall campaign, including: Details on number of prospects Response rate Database list cleanup Deals in the pipeline
  • Lessons learned – a brief document detailing wins and losses of the campaign.
  • An action plan to address weaknesses of the campaign for future use.
  • Readjust and refocus target for next campaign. 

The process.
A subscription link to the Lateral marketing bureau will be sent via e-mail.  The bureau will contact you to set up a full assessment session of your needs and the current status of your marketing.  A plan will be collaboratively developed as to the way forward. Each partner will own an online internet storeroom where all marketing items are categorized and archived for easy updating and reordering purposes.

Free of charge: 
Lateral also has an online Promo Shop facility, where you can order & purchase SAP and your own logo branded items. This service is available to all registered users at no cost. This means that you can register for this service only and it will cost you absolutely nothing, except for the cost of the orders you place.

Additional services:
SAP approvals will be done on your behalf.
Joint partner activities will be coordinated and designed by Lateral.
Full management reports of your marketing activity and expenditure will be available at all times.
ROI and tracking on all activities.

Other consulting service by Lateral include:

  • SAP Business All-in-One qualification consulting and project management. 
  • SAP Business One qualification consulting and project management. 
  • SAP Business ByDesign consulting and project management.