SAP Partners

  • ACS Inc.: Genesis All-in-One Solution for High-Tech Industries– Provides midsize high-tech manufacturers with powerful, industry-specific solutions that deliver best-in-class functionality to optimize business processes and improve profitability
  • ACS Inc.: Genesis All-in-One Solution for Human Capital Management – Provides midsize companies with a comprehensive solution that streamlines and automates human resources processes
  • ACS Inc.: Genesis All-in-One Solution for Professional Services – Enables midsize companies to optimize service-specific processes and automate key business processes


  • AICOMP Consulting: Paper4PACK – Provides midsize paper and packaging companies with preconfigured master data, built-in business logic, custom enhancements, and programs to support industry-specific planning and production needs
  • Answerthink: EzCPG – Streamlines and supports the fundamental business and IT processes of midsize consumer products companies
  • Answerthink: EzDistribution – Enables midsize wholesale distributors to meet fundamental, unique, and extended business and IT challenges
  • Answerthink: EzIMC – Provides midsize IM&C companieswith a preconfigured platform for streamlining processes to meet fundamental business and IT challenges
  • Answerthink: EzMed – Enables midsize manufacturers and distributors of medical devices and equipment to comply with regulatory requirements, achieve rapid product ramp-up, speed time-to-market, and contain R&D costs
  • Answerthink: EzPharma – Helps midsize life sciences companies to achieve FDA, DEA, and PDMA compliance, reduce operating costs, and gain real-time visibility into business processes across the enterprise
  • Answerthink: EzServices Provider – Enables midsize professional services companies to monitor, manage, and analyze integrated information on projects performed across the enterprise

attune Consulting

  • attune Consulting: attune for Brands (a4B) – Empowers midsize apparel and footwear brand owners with real-time information, dependable results, and industry-specific practices to innovate, adopt, and succeed in the global fashion marketplace

B4 Consulting

  • B4 Consulting: B4 ProSuite for EC&O – Handles all aspects of bidding, planning, staffing, executing, billing (including milestone billing), and reporting on project services for midsize EC&O companies
  • B4 Consulting: B4 ProSuite for Professional Services – Provides midsize consulting and IT professional services providers with a comprehensive platform for integrating systems; increasing visibility; and automating selling, planning, delivery, and billing processes


  • Bramasol: Bramasol High Tech All in One – Addresses the key business challenges for midsize high-tech discrete manufacturers in original equipment manufacturing (OEM), communications, and related technology manufacturing industries
  • Bramasol: Bramasol IM&C Business All in One – Provides midsize IM&C companies with preconfigured processes for managing the supply chain, lean manufacturing, inventory management, warehouse logistics, accounting, quality management, and profitability analysis
  • Bramasol: Bramasol Medical Devices All in One – Addresses the key business challenges of midsize medical device manufacturers and related companies
  • Bramasol: Bramasol Sports and Stadium Management Solution – Integrates and coordinates data analysis systems for midsize sports and stadium management companies


  • Bristlecone: Bristlecone Preconfigured Semiconductor Solution – Enables midsize semiconductor companies to centralize supplier management, integrate business processes, improve supply chain visibility, and ensure stricter quality standards

Caarma Corp

  • Caarma Corporation: CaarmaFAST for Wireless Communications & ISPs – Provides midsize telecommunications companies with a single, integrated platform for managing operations and addressing regulatory compliance issues
  • Caarma Corporation: CaarmaFAST High-Tech – Enables midsize high-tech manufacturers to achieve higher margins through integrated planning, procurement, manufacturing, global sales and distribution, revenue recognition, and controlling processes
  • Caarma Corporation: CaarmaFAST Software Industry Solution– Helps midsize software companies quickly introduce a best-in-class information infrastructure, leveraging existing investments and streamlining financial supply chain management


  • Capgemini: EnergyPath for Oil Field Services – Provides midsize drilling and equipment manufacturers with an accelerated approach to implementing SAP solutions that support your unique business processes
  • Capgemini: RapidPath for Medical Devices – Enables midsize medical device companies to quickly and efficiently implement SAP solutions for today’s business challenges


  • CIBER, Inc.: Core Mining – Provides midsize mining companies with an integrated platform for streamlining and optimizing core enterprise processes
  • CIBER, Inc.: Cutting Edge – Provides midsize milling and fabricated metals companies with preconfigured processes to manage the core enterprise
  • CIBER, Inc.: FICO A1 – Provides midsize businesses with a secure, fast, and affordable platform for integrating and optimizing financial and controlling information
  • CIBER, Inc.: QuickWear – Helps midsize apparel and footwear companies integrate and automate business operations to deliver the latest styles in the most flexible, efficient, and cost-effective way
  • CIBER, Inc.: Rapid Retail – Enables midsize retailers to integrate information across the enterprise for one version of the truth
  • CIBER, Inc.: Sophisticated Manufacturing – Enables midsize IM&C companies to integrate and streamline the enterprise, increase competitive advantage, reduce costs, speed innovation, and deliver best-in-class after-sales service


  • Clerysys Inc.: Clerysys TechDrive – Streamlines key business processes for midsize high-tech original equipment manufacturers (OEM), enabling increased efficiencies, service, and revenue


  • Cohesion: Cohesion for Life Sciences – Addresses the key business challenges for midsize pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies, with an emphasis on accelerated deployment and reduced TCO

Crowe Howarth

  • Crowe Horwath: Crowe Industry Vantage ERP for Wholesale Distributors – Supports all phases of supply chain planning, procure-to-pay scenarios, warehouse management, order-to-cash scenarios, and financial management for midsize wholesale distributors

Delaware Exaserv 

  • Delaware Exaserv: FAST-CRM – Helps midsize companies centralize customer information across sales, marketing, and service to improve efficiency and productivity – and gain a competitive edge
  • Delaware Exaserv: FAST-Engineer – Provides midsize IM&C companies with a powerful, integrated IT platform that supports manufacturing industry processes and best practices
  • Dickinson + Associates: DA Focus IM&C – Provides midsize IM&C companies with preconfigured processes for make-to-stock and make-to-order/configure-to-order environments
  • Element Five Solutions: EFS Focus – Provides midsize high-tech component manufacturers with a strong technology foundation to improve order fill rates, increase inventory turns, reduce charge-backs, and strengthen customer satisfaction
  • Emergys: Consumer Products 360° – Enables midsize consumer packaged goods companies to gain visibility, flexibility, and control over every aspect of the business – freeing employees to focus on company performance and growth
  • Emergys: High Tech 360° – Provides midsize high-tech manufacturers with a comprehensive ERP solution for streamlining operations and improving customer and supply chain visibility for a lower total cost of ownership
  • Emergys: HR 360° – Provides midsize businesses with self-service HR functionality for time management, personal information management, corporate learning, corporate information management, travel and expense management, skills/appraisal maintenance, internal recruiting, and purchasing
  • Emergys: Medical Devices 360° – Provides midsize life sciences companies with an end-to-end, industry-specific solution that supports all business processes – from procurement and supply chain management through manufacturing, customer, and order management
  • Emergys: Wholesale 360° – Offers midsize wholesale food distributors specific functionality for purchase order and sales order processing, warehouse and inventory management, demand management, finance, and controlling
  • EntryPoint Consulting: Bionic Distribution – Helps midsize wholesale distributors optimize processes for warehouse management, inventory management, customer service, purchasing, financials, and profitability analysis
  • EntryPoint Consulting: Bionic Food & Beverage – Enables midsize food and beverage companies to increase efficiencies and lower costs by streamlining processes and improving visibility
  • EntryPoint Consulting: Bionic Manufacturing – Helps midsize manufacturers become stronger, faster, and more profitable with preconfigured processes for purchasing, production planning, manufacturing, sales order processing, and profitability analysis
  • et alia: CREW for Construction – Fosters profitability for midsize project-based construction companies by effectively capturing, tracking, and managing projects for the utmost effectiveness and efficiency
  • Exaserv: Exalerate for HCM – Helps midsize companiesmaintain a competitive edge and meet strategic growth objectives by streamlining and optimizing human capital management processes
  • IBM: IBM Express Fabrication and Assembly Solution – Provides midsize IM&C manufacturers with end-to-end business process support for discrete and process manufacturing, aftermarket sales and service management, customer service, and new product innovation and production
  • IBM: IBM Life Sciences Express – Helps midsize life sciences companies streamline business processes, support strategic growth, and facilitate regulatory compliance
  • IBM: IBM Food and Beverage Express – Provides midsize food and beverage companies with tailored functionality for order entry, manufacturing, production, warehouse, procurement, and financial management
  • IBM: IBM Wholesale Distribution Express – Provides functionality for warehouse management, inventory management, and integrated electronic data interchange (EDI) for midsize wholesale distributors
  • Idhasoft, Inc: ID4 Durable Goods – Enables midsize durable goods manufacturers and distributors to meet current and future business needs with a preconfigured solution that leverages industry best practices
  • Idhasoft, Inc: ID4 Medical Devices – Provides midsize manufacturers and distributors of medical supplies, diagnostics, and implants with an integrated platform for managing new product development, business operations, compliance, customer service, and time-to-market
  • Idhasoft, Inc: ID4 Pharmaceutical – Enables midsize pharmaceutical companies to achieve a fast ROI with business process improvements that help increase sales and decrease costs
  • Idhasoft, Inc: ID4 Retail – Enables midsize fashion, hard goods, and food retailers to optimize business processes for customer service, inventory management, merchandising, pricing, and promotions – for a competitive edge
  • Idhasoft, Inc: ID4 Wholesale Distribution – Helps midsize wholesale distributors streamline and optimize the entire supply chain – from order entry and tracking to transportation and warehouse management
  • IDS Scheer: ARIS SmartPath for Chemicals – Provides process optimization and functionality for enterprise resource planning, supplier relationship management, and customer relationship management for midsize companies that manufacture and distribute chemicals
  • IDS Scheer: ARIS SmartPath for Consumer Products/Cosmetics – Provides integrated forecasting, sales, manufacturing, and procurement capabilities for managing supply chains in the midsize consumer products/cosmetics industry
  • IDS Scheer: ARIS SmartPath for Consumer Products/Food – Includes integrated forecasting, sales, inventory, and procurement capabilities for managing supply chains in the midsize consumer products/food industry
  • IDS Scheer: ARIS SmartPath for Durable Consumer Goods – Enables midsize durable consumer goods companies to meet consumer demands by reducing costs, streamlining processes, and supporting general and emerging industry standards
  • IDS Scheer: ARIS SmartPath for Fabricated Metals – Optimizes IT and business processes for midsize fabricated metals companies
  • IDS Scheer: ARIS SmartPath for Life Sciences – Enables functionality for audit tracking, internal orders, process automation, and inventory tracking for midsize life sciences companies
  • IDS Scheer: ARIS SmartPath for Professional Services – Provides financial management solutions for midsize management consulting firms and other companies that provide consulting and IT services
  • IDS Scheer: ARIS SmartPath for Wholesale Distribution – Helps midsize wholesale distributors streamline logistics processes, gain real-time visibility into inventory, and achieve rapid order entry
  • Implico: Implico Secondary Distribution – Provides midsize liquid and gas distribution companies with proven solutions for managing inventory, reducing transportation expenses and days sales outstanding, and improving sales
  • iService Globe: iService Express – Helps midsize companiesoptimize customer relationship management by facilitating your SAP CRM implementation
  • itelligence and Compunet: myAgri – Enables midsize agricultural providers to better manage your supply chain and business processes for improved resource planning and profits
  • itelligence: itelligence – Provides midsize automotive suppliers with an integrated platform for the entire logistics process chain – from preproduction orders through production planning and control
  • Itelligence: itelligence it.chemical – Helps midsize chemical manufacturers and distributors streamline demand and compliance management, commodity procurement and costing, bulk and decanting scheduling, and plant maintenance
  • Itelligence: itelligence it.CPG – Enables sales order fulfillment, procurement, process manufacturing, and quality management for midsize consumer products companiesspecializing in the manufacturing and distribution of certain fresh food and other packaged food products
  • Itelligence: itelligence it.manufacturing – Integrates business processes for tracking manufacturing costs, materials, and projects for midsize industrial machinery and components enterprises
  • Itelligence: itelligence it.wholesale – Delivers functionality for sales and point-of-sale, inventory control, and integrated reporting and accounting for midsize wholesale distributors
  • KBMS Inc.: KBMS Katalyst Beverage – Provides purchasing, planning, production, sales, distribution, warehousing and logistics, transport, and shipping capabilities for midsize alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage manufacturers and distributors
  • KBMS Inc.: KBMS Katalyst Fixtures & Home Furnishings – Enables midsize manufacturers and distributors of furniture, home furnishings, doors and windows, flooring, roofing, and fixtures to optimize supply chain operations – for improved costs and processes
  • KBMS Inc.: KBMS Katalyst Food – Enables midsize food brand owners, manufacturers, and distributors to enhance operational and financial performance, meet regulatory measures, control day-to-day business processes, and integrate operations and information flow
  • MindTree Ltd.: ServEz100 for Professional Services – Provides midsize professional services providers with an end-to-end platform for managing client engagements, improving service delivery, optimizing billable resources, and meeting customer requests
  • Next Generation Technology: PIKPAC – Enables midsize packaging companies to reduce quote turnaround time, achieve better inventory accuracy, and provide real-time job-costing and profitability reports
  • ObjectWin Technology: WinPath Express – Enables midsize oil and gas equipment manufacturers and oil field services companies to cut costs, improve quality, and increase customer service by integrating and optimizing core business processes
  • Optimal Solution Integration: Optimize FinanceOne – Enables midsize businesses to optimize financial and operational compliance, visibility, and reporting by integrating financial and management reporting processes
  • Optimal Solution Integration: Optimize ForgeOne – Enables midsize fabricated metals companies to solve today’s fundamental business and IT issues with an end-to-end solution that is quick to deploy and easy to manage – yet scalable to meet changing business needs
  • Optimal Solution Integration: Optimize LocalGovOne – Provides midsize state and local governments, K-12 school districts, and similar publicly-funded organizations with an integrated fiscal management and procurement system
  • Optimal Solution Integration: Optimize LODEone – Enables midsize primary metals and mining businesses to integrate production, commercial, transportation, distribution, and support processes for effective enterprise-wide planning, execution, and reporting
  • Optimal Solution Integration: Optimize MachineOne – Provides midsize IM&C companies with affordable, preconfigured business processes for client relationship management, project life-cycle management, client billing, resource planning, accounting, and financial reporting
  • Optimal Solution Integration: Optimize ServicesOne – Provides midsize services providers with end-to-end support for financial, corporate, and operational processes
  • Optimal Solution Integration: Optimize WorkForceOne – Provides midsize companies with comprehensive human resource management tools to optimize your growing workforce
  • Panterra Group, Inc.: Panterra BioMed One – Helps midsize life sciences companies optimize business processes for better decision making, reduced compliance risk, improved product quality, and faster time-to-market
  • Premier Consulting Group: Premier Adage – Provides midsize media, advertising, and marketing communication companies with an integrated and complete business solution for the entire service value chain
  • PrideVel Consulting: ChemPlus – Provides midsize chemical manufacturers with a single platform for managing business processes and compliance reporting, so employees can focus on producing innovative products and delivering superior customer service
  • ProSoft Business Solutions: ProSoft CONNECT for Consumer Products – Enables midsize consumer products companies to integrate inventory management and order management processes, run effective rebate and bonus programs, and ensure on-time deliveries
  • ProSoft Business Solutions: ProSoft DISTRIBUTE for Wholesale Distribution – Helps midsize wholesale distributors optimize business processes by integrating financial, vendor, inventory, delivery, and customer information on a single platform
  • RJT: FIT Series – Enables midsize wholesale distributors to increase revenue, improve customer service, and reduce expenses
  • RunE2E: RunCRM – Enables midsize businesses to develop profitable customer relationships by making more informed pricing decisions and better managing sales territories, accounts, contacts, activities, leads, and opportunities
  • Savantis Group: RetailON – Helps midsize retailers optimize merchandise assortments, realize efficiencies in purchasing and merchandise distribution, and provide enhanced customer service
  • Smartsoft International, Inc.: SmartTech for High Tech – Supports functionality requirements for sales, engineering, procurement, manufacturing, financials, service, quality, and reporting differentiators for midsize high-tech manufacturers
  • Strategic Systems and Products Corporation: READYUpstream – Provides midsize oil and gas companies with a clear road map for quickly streamlining business processes and improving efficiencies
  • Tahoe Partners: iMPACT – Enables midsize consumer products companies to streamline and optimize core business processes – from order management to fulfillment processes integrated with financials – on a single, integrated platform
  • Tahoe Partners: WiSDOM – Helps midsize wholesale distributors streamline and optimize industry-specific business processes on a single, integrated platform – for a competitive edge
  • TransWeave: Replicating Success of Global Leaders for Wholesale Distribution – Provides midsize wholesale distributors with a single, integrated platform to streamline business processes and increase efficiencies
  • TransWeave: TransRetail: Art of the Possible – Enables midsize retailers to streamline operations and manage profitable growth
  • UCS Solutions: ReadytoRetail – Provides midsize retailers and wholesalers with preconfigured software and best practices for automating and optimizing business processes
  • VSS: vSolution for Consumer Products – Enables midsize consumer products companies to overcome key industry challenges by improving performance, increasing revenue, and lowering costs
  • VSS: vSolution for Wholesale Distribution – Provides midsize wholesale distributors with a single, integrated platform for streamlining order fulfillment, reducing operating costs, and sustaining customer loyalty
  • YASH Technologies: ChemOne – Helps midsize chemical companies streamline chemical plant operations, increase supply chain efficiency, track profitability, improve customer service, and reduce costs
  • YASH Technologies: CPGOne – Enables midsize food and beverage companies to gain complete control of business operations through real-time information integration
  • YASH Technologies: ManufacturingOne – Enables midsize high tech manufacturers to gain visibility into business processes, control costs, support better supplier integration, and maximize margins for profitable growth
  • YASH Technologies: TechOne – Supports the continued growth and flexibility that midsize software developers and providers demand by providing real-time visibility, integrated revenue recognition processing, and a solid platform for growth
  • YASH Technologies: WholesaleOne – Enables midsize wholesale distributors to gain visibility into business, control costs, support better supplier integration, and maximize margins for profitable growth
  • Agile Solutions: Agile Bioenergy Solution for the Biofuel Industry – Enables midsize biofuel companies to support and streamline all major business processes as well as today’s strict environmental, health, and security requirements
  • Axon Solutions, Inc.: Rapid Deployment Toolkit for Oil and Gas – Supports the core operating requirements – finance and accounting, procurement, contract to cash, asset and material management, and equipment maintenance – of midsize oilfield services and drilling companies
  • Coeus Consulting: Coeus HCM Complete – Provides midsize companies with cross-industry, preconfigured solutions for all human resources processes
  • ITC Infotech: I3L CHEMICALS – Provides midsize chemical companies with affordable, preconfigured business processes for accounting, purchasing and inventory, production, plant maintenance, and regulatory and environmental compliance
  • L&T Infotech: L&T Value Solution for Construction – Supports the end-to-end project life cycle for midsize general construction; specialty trade construction; road, bridge, and highway construction; and EPC related businesses
  • MGL Americas Inc.: EZPlastic – Enables midsize plastics manufacturers to seamlessly integrate business processes across the shop floor, accounting, material management, sales, and customer service
  • NIIT Technologies: QuickStart 3.0 – Provides midsize high-tech manufacturers with an integrated platform for managing complex manufacturing, quality, sales, and costing processes, while streamlining financials and purchasing functions
  • pmc America : pmcNAVIGATE Automotive – Provides midsize automotive suppliers with real-time information for better decision making and a centralized business platform for integrated business data
  • SEAL Consulting, Inc.: ReTailor – Helps midsize retailersintegrate and optimize industry-specific business operations, streamline employee and vendor communications, and increase visibility into inventory, supply chain, delivery, and service
  • VTEC Group, Inc.: JIT Supplier Automotive (JITSA) – Enables midsize automotive suppliers to improve visibility into business processes, implement effective engineering change management, support quality management, reduce working capital, and increase on-time deliveries
  • Xchanging: MEDIA EDGE – Enables midsize entertainment, film, and television production and distribution companies to integrate business processes and automate tasks – for improved reporting and project management
  • Zensar OBT Technologies: ZENLife – Helps midsize pharmaceutical manufacturers streamline business processes to reduce inventory, increase order fulfillment rates, improve visibility into product cost and profitability, and increase cash flow
  • Zensar OBT Technologies: ZENTex – Enables midsize textile and apparel manufacturers to reduce inventory; increase order fulfillment rates; improve visibility into product cost, quality, and profitability; and increase cash flow with streamlined business processes

Service Partners

Maximize your midsize business by working with our service partners to design, implement, and integrate SAP solutions; optimize business processes; and create a strategic business environment.

  • CSC: CSC SmartStart for Wholesale Distribution – Enables midsize wholesale distributors to integrate and streamline customer, market, and product-related business processes – for improved visibility, customer service, and decision making
  • Deloitte Consulting: Deloitte Consulting Aerospace & Defense Preconfigured Solution (DCAPS) – Provides midsize aerospace and defense companies with a preconfigured, yet scalable platform for streamlining operations and supporting growth objectives
  • Deloitte Consulting: Preconfigured Solution for Life Sciences Industry – Supports business processes for midsize life sciences companies – enabling new product development, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction, regardless of industry and market changes
  • Ernst & Young LLC: EDGE High Tech – Enables midsize high-tech OEM manufacturers to optimize operational and manufacturing efficiencies by improving value stream speed, eliminating waste, increasing product and cash flow visibility, and managing profitable revenue and market growth
  • Ernst & Young LLC: EDGE IM&C – Helps midsize industrial machinery and components manufacturers increase operational and manufacturing efficiency by focusing on value stream speed and eliminating waste
  • Hitachi Consulting: Hi-PACE Food & Beverage Manufacturing– Enables midsize food and beverage manufacturers to integrate and optimize regulatory, customer, and product information – for a competitive edge
  • Hitachi Consulting: Hi-PACE Metals – Enables midsize fabricated metals companies to gain control of raw materials costs, improve visibility into product development and customer demand, and optimize the supply chain
  • Hitachi Consulting: Hi-PACE Wholesale Distribution – Provides midsize wholesale distributors with an integrated business process platform for aligning materials and pricing with market demands, tracking products from manufacturing through delivery, and enabling electronic B2B scenarios
  • Infosys Technologies Ltd.: Infosys SAP Business All-in-One Solution for ISV – Automates and streamlines key business processes for midsize independent software vendors (ISVs)
  • The Baer Group: SmartVALUE Distribution – Provides a comprehensive installation package that aligns midsize distributors with your suppliers and customers for real-time information exchange

American Business Partners International 
1901 N. Harrison Avenue 
Cary NC 27513 

Aster Group 
434-B Copperfield Blvd. 

Attune Consulting USA, Inc. 
200 Wheeler Road 
Burlington MA 01803 

Axon Solutions, Inc. 
15 Exchange Place, Suite 730 
Jersey City NJ 07302 

B4 Consulting, Inc. 
423 McFarlan Road 
Kennett Square PA 19348 

BlueStar Solutions, Inc. 
11048 North 23rd Avenue 

Bramasol, Inc. 
601 Gateway Boulevard, Suite 1220 
South San Francisco CA 94080-7411 

Caarma Corporation 
4580 Automall Parkway, Suite 121 
Fremont CA 94538 

CIBER, Inc. 
18350 Mt. Langley Avenue, Suite 101 
Fountain Valley CA 92708 

Clerysys Incorporated 
10600 West Higgins Road, Ste. 711 

Cohesion, Inc. 
751 Laurel Street, # 319 
San Carlos CA 94070 

Crowe Horwath LLP 
1 Mid America Plaza, Suite 700 
Oak Brook IL 60522-3697 

CRP Solutions, Inc 
7395 S. Peoria Street, C1-10 
Englewood CO 80112 

Emergys Corp 
6104 Fayetteville Road #105 
Durham NC 27713 

Entegreat, Inc. 
1900 International Park Drive 

EnterSys Group, Inc. 
13280 NW Freeway, Suite F-100 

Entrypoint Consulting, LLC 
4700 Rockside Road, Suite 625 

et alia, LLC 
2460 W. Clybourn Street 

Genesis Corporate Solutions, LLC 
150 Presidential Way, Ste. 230 
WOBURN MA 01801 

IBM Corporation 
2455 South Road 

Idhasoft, Inc. 
20 Corporate Park, Suite 100 
Irvine CA 92606 

IDS Scheer Americas, Inc. 
5555 Glenridge Connector, Suite 650 

itelligence in Business Software, Inc. 
7870 East Kemper Road Suite 300 

4610 South Ulster Street, Suite 150 
Denver CO 80237-2346 

Ki Solutions, LLC 
20 Corporate Park, Suite 100 
IRVINE CA 92606 

MindTree Ltd. 
15 Independence Blvd, Suite 410 
Warren NJ 07059 

ObjectWin Technology, Inc. 
2650 Fountain View Drive, Suite 405 

OneLatitude LLC 
3650 NW 82 Ave. Ste 501 
Doral FL 33166 

Optimal Solutions Integration, Inc. 
1231 Greenway Drive 
IRVING TX 75038 

Panterra Group, Inc. 
164 Jonathan Court 
Glen Ellyn IL 60137 

PMC America, Inc. 
1 Towne Square, Suite 1580 

Premier Consulting Group, Inc 
2279 State Hwy 33, Suite 511 
Hamilton NJ 08690 

Pridevel Consulting LLC 
387 Shuman Blvd., Suite 205W 
Naperville IL 60563 

RJT Compuquest Inc. 
940 South Coast Dr., Suite 260 
Costa Mesa CA 92626 

RunE2E, LLC 
925 North Point Parkway, Suite 160 
Alpharetta GA 30005 

Sage Group Consulting, Inc. 
1715 State Highway 35 N, Ste. 111 
Middletown NJ 07748 

Savantis Group, Inc. 
250 Montgomery St. Suite 1205 
San Francisco CA 94104 

Smartsoft International, Inc. 
3965 Johns Creek Court 

SophLogic Global LLC 
9135 58th Drive East 
BRADENTON FL 34202-9188 

Tahoe Partners, LLC 
770 North Halsted Street, Suite 502 
Chicago IL 60622 

Technology Solutions Company 
205 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1500 
Chicago IL 60601-5956 

The Hackett Group 
225 Washington Street 

The Judge Group 
300 Conshohocken State Rd, Suite 300 

The Revere Group 
2644 30th Street 
Santa Monica CA 90405 

TransWeave, Inc. 
1333 Gough Street, Suite 7J 
San Francisco CA 94109 

UCS Solutions Inc 
486 Thomas Jones Way Suite 100 
Exton PA 19341 

US Data Management 
1746-F S. Victoria Avenue 
VENTURA CA 93003-6538 

303 Brame Road